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Cyber Security Services

Finding & Fixing the Website Vulnerabilities

Before you launch any online web application or website it need to be tested properly in order to secure it. There can be multiple vulnerabilities in any website like proper input validations, weak session management, Remote File Inclusion, Sql Injections, Cross Site Scripting , User Name Enumeration, Format String Vulnerabilities etc.

Network Cyber Security Audits

Day to day cyber attacks increasing frequency is a matter of concern for every organization.You should protect organizations computers, smart phone, Tablets, Public and Private network. Cyber Security Audit is the process of applying security measures to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data. Counter measures need to be applied in order to protect the data. During Cyber Security Audit we identify the risk, setup proper policies and guidelines.

Antivirus & Malware protection

We help you in making better cyber security decisions as per your computer network infrastructure and IT budget. We help you in selection and installation of Antivirus or Malware protection software

Email & Data Encryption

Secure email management system is the need for all businesses be it Information Technology, Hospitality, Finance, Healthcare, Government, Public Sector or Private Sector. Email encryption can be solution to avoid cyber attacks, a hacker not only can sniff the email content and attachments, but can hack the entire email account in case of security failure.

Web traffic, Email filtering & monitoring

Proactive approach of Web Traffic Filtering and monitoring can prevent potentially harmful situations at the early stage and alert can be sent to system administrator. This includes monitoring of all the IT related vital services.

Penetration Testing

We provide comprehensive Penetration Testing services, which can be conducted on regular basis to help you in defending your computers and other information technology devices against future attacks. Each test is followed up with a report, which details the findings and full remediation recommendations. Access to computer systems, networks or web applications without any knowledge of user names, passwords or any other means of access is called as penetration testing. It helps in indentifying the vulnerabilities that can be exploited by a potential hacker. Penetration testing can be internal and external.

Penetration testing on a regular basis ensures that your IT systems and information remain secure.

External Penetration Testing

To ensure that your Company’s IT systems are secure from any internet based attack, we can carry out any of the following tests:

  • External Network Testing
  • Remote Access Review
  • Website Testing
  • Web Application Testing
  • Mobile Application Testing
  • Source Code Review

Internal Penetration Testing

The following assessments reveal the potential issues that may allow a server to be compromised by a user already on the internal network.

  • Internal Infrastructure Testing
  • Workstation Reviews
  • Laptops & Desktops
  • Server Review
  • Wireless Vulnerability Assessment
  • VOIPw
  • Mobile Device testing

• SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate Installation-We can help you in SSL certificate installation. It is said that google is giving preference to the secure websites in search engine optimization

• Management of your IT Department

Do not overlook the Information Security because it drives growth and forms the backbone of our company. Reports says that over 80% of security breaches come from within the organization as a result of poor cyber security policy, procedures and staff awareness training. Cyber Security audit of your organization's email server, Web server, Setting up of web application firewall. Web Application Firewall monitors traffic before it reaches the Web application, analyzes all requests, using a rule to filter out potentially harmful traffic. It can protect Web applications against zero-day exploits and known vulnerabilities and attacks. PCI DSS requires that Web applications be fortified through either a code security review or a Web Application Firewall. Additionally we can help you in providing

  • 1. Dedicated Cyber Security Manager
  • 2. Internal Audit Schedule
  • 3. Information Security Policy
  • 4. Risk Assessments
  • 5. Security Awareness Training

Secure Website Development

Often people feel that there is no need of secure website, they say that there website has nothing important and in case of defacement of hacking they can get it host again and hacking can not harm their business. But website security breaches are increasing day by day and hacker may not be interested in stealing the data or defacement of your organization's website, but he may attempt to use your web server to host his own files which may be illegal, he can use your web server as an email relay for spam.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Cyber Security Awareness can help drastically into reduction of cyber threats. Nowadays businesses cannot survive without Information Technology and cyber security loop holes can be fixed by providing high-level cyber security training. SecurityTraining helps in reduction of targeted attacks through social media, internet browsing, and spam emails can be reduced. Even we can educate your IT staff about - "how to respond" in case of cyber security attack. Training schedule can be designed after mutual discussion it can be one-day cyber security training course, which provides business professionals essential insight into the dangers of cyber crime and how to protect their organizations from the threat of cyber attacks. After Cyber Security Course the your staff will be able to:

  • Describe Cyber Crime & Cyber Warfare
  • Describe Information and knowledge sharing best practices
  • Outline the top 10 (or more) cyber attack methods
  • Explain what encryption means, and how to easily use it day-to-day
  • Discuss the meanings of ‘malicious code’ and ‘SQL injection’ and ‘brute force attack’
  • Complete a Cyber Risk Assessment for their business
  • Determine a service-based approach to their exposure from cyber-threats
  • Produce an individual action plan that can implemented in their business or organisation
    • Pass on their improved ‘cyber hygiene’ practices and knowledge to their team
    • Cyber Security Advanced Training
    • Forensics Investigation -Define
    • Cyber Crime Investigation

Pen testing Training

Penetration Testing needs to be done periodically to safe gaurd the information. We provide penetration testing training so that you do the cyber security testing on your own as and when required.

Cyber Crime Investigation

We do cyber crime investigation. Cyber crime cases can be of various types for example Identity theft case, email frauds, threat emails, cyber attacks, phishing cases and website hacking etc.

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